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'09 Girls United

Team Staff:


Toby Albanese- Head Coach talbanese@comcast.net

Ernie Willson- Asst. Coach enwillson@yahoo.com

Anthony Pietrak- Asst. Coach apietrak@verizon.net

Manager Extraordinaire Trevis Buckley trevisbuckley@gmail.com


Team Makeup

We rostered 14 players for the second consecutive year for the 2020-2021 seasons. The girls come from six different school districts, and several more elementary and middle schools. All of our girls are either in fifth or sixth grade. We carry a handful of coaches (and a couple trainers) to maximize training sessions, providing each girl strong doses of individual and small group attention to address individual, and team needs.



As a team we set parameters from the very beginning that we will develop each player by meeting them where they are and moving them forward. This is NOT a “win at all costs” team. While we’re developing technical abilities in each girl, we are also building strong bonds, and a love of the game. We believe strongly in keeping a solid core of girls together for as long as possible while welcoming new players to strengthen our core. We strive to offer a “large club experience” without large club fees.



We will improve with each passing season. We will play in competitive fall leagues and tournaments. We will train during the winter months competing in three-four tournaments, exposing the girls to futsal. We will train throughout the spring as well and look for a competitive league, and some tournaments including CUPS. It is our intent to build each girl’s skillset and ultimately “hand them off” to a larger, perhaps more competitive club, that will take them to the next level(s). Currently Boyertown Soccer Club is affiliated with Harleysville, Valley, and Parkland Soccer Clubs to feed PA Dominion Football Club, rooted in Western Montgomery County.



*spring and summer 2020 COVID-impacted

Champions- Berks Winter Classic- winter 2019

Top Record in Central League’s Top Division- fall 2019

Finalist- Dillsburg Shootout- fall 2019

Champions- Western Lehigh- fall 2018

Finalist- Boyertown Blast- fall 2018

The Team