Welcome to the Boyertown Soccer Club Registration System


Intramural Registration is CLOSED

  • Installment Payment Plan available.
  • For Kindergarten through 4th Grade Intramural Soccer parents may indicate one player to place their child with for transportation and may indicate one coach with which their child SHOULD NOT be placed. (In other words, you may not request a specific coach.)
  • See other important information for Fall 2017 on the INTRAMURAL page.
  • According to BASD, 6th Graders are NOT PERMITTED to participate in Middle School sports. See for more information.
  • You can register for any combination of programs at the same time.
  • Intramural players that have been registered with BSC and try out and are accepted for Middle or High School soccer teams may have their registration fees refunded if they decide not to play at BSC. If you think your child may be playing at BSC, you should register to reserve a spot. According to BASD, 6th graders will not be permitted to participate in Middle School sports.
  • Fundraiser Discount Card Fee - $20.00 - Each family will be charged $20.00 and will receive two cards regardless of the number of registered children/adults.  Families can keep both cards, sell the cards or give them to some as a gift.  All families who register their child(ren) or themselves in the Intramural, Recreational, Travel or Adult Rec League with BSC will be required to purchase the BSC Discount Cards.  Extra cards are available for purchase at $10 per card.

** The Discount Card Charge will be applied to WAIT LIST Registrations.  If the Club is unable to form an additional team WAIT LIST registrants can choose to keep the cards or request a refund.

See our website for more details.

When your registration has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation statement by email.  If you do not receive the confirmation statement shortly after registration this means your registration was not finished or your email address was incorrect.