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Travel Info-FAQ's

Please see the information below to answer some commonly asked questions about the travel soccer program.

What is Travel Soccer?

Travel soccer provides your child the chance to play the game they love at a higher level of competition. BSC provides specialized training and expert coaching.

How does my child join a BSC Travel team?

Travel tryouts are held in April/May for the beginning of the Fall season. Your child must attend two of the three tryout sessions in order to qualify for a team. Your child will be assessed by the coaching staff as well as outside assessors. Tryout dates will be posted on the club website by March.

How long is the BSC Travel season?

Practices begin in the beginning of July, with many teams practicing twice per week during July and August. The fall league season usually starts in the beginning of September and runs through the middle of November. Many teams will also participate in a few fall tournaments (one in August, Columbus Day weekend, and our own Boyertown Blast (U9 and older) in November. During the winter, teams will practice once per week during January, February, and March with many teams participating in some type of indoor soccer league. During the spring, teams will likely participate in a spring season, EPYS outdoor state cups, or participate in a few tournaments. They will train once or twice weekly.

How often does a BSC Travel team practice?

Typically, each travel team will practice two times a week, depending on the schedule and team needs.

When are BSC Travel games played?

Games are scheduled for weekends, either Saturday or Sunday. Traditionally, Delco (Boys teams) play on Saturdays during the fall and PAGS (Girls teams) play on Sundays. Occassionally, a team could be asked to play both days in one weekend, but this is rare.

How far will we travel for games/tournaments?

BSC travel teams play in the Delco (Boys), PAGS (Girls) or InterCounty (U8 Boys and Girls only) leagues. These leagues are home to teams from the surrounding counties as well as some teams from our neighboring states. Travel time for away matches is typically around 45-60 minutes. Occasionally, this could be longer or shorter, depending on the opponent.

What are the costs to play BSC Travel soccer?

The current cost for registration is $225 per player per travel season (travel season is fall, winter, and spring) which includes the annual registration, league fees and professional team training. Uniforms, tournaments, and incidentals are the responsibility of each team.

Do I have to participate in team fundraising?

Fundraising is up to the individual team. Fundraising can help offset some of the incurred costs over the travel season.

How much pressure is involved with BSC Travel?

While the level of play is higher in the travel program, the BSC coaching staff strives to make this a fun and educational experience for both the athletes and their parents. The focus is on player development and individual skills.

How does BSC select the coaching staff?

The Director of Travel, along with the travel committee, reviews all coaching applications and takes into consideration the experience of the applicants, as well as what level license the individual currently holds.

How do I know if my child is "good enough" to play BSC Travel soccer?

Bring your child to the BSC tryouts. Tryouts are free and a lot of fun!